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King's Birthday

King’s Birthday 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Aruba

King’s Birthday is celebrated every 27 April in Aruba, on the birthday of sitting Dutch monarch King Willem Alexander.

202027 AprMonKing's Birthday
202127 AprTueKing's Birthday
202227 AprWedKing's Birthday

Although Aruba is semi-independent, it is considered a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but not of the nation called Netherlands. The relation of members of the Kingdom of Netherlands are much like those of the member states of the United Kingdom (UK). Thus, many holidays kept up in Netherlands are also observed in Aruba.

On Aruba, there is a military parade and a scouts parade in Oranjestad at Wilhelmina Park every King’s Birthday. There are also many sports matches, street fairs, kite-flying events, community centre events, and other family oriented festivities taking place all over the island.

Additionally, local diners and bars put on specials and parties on what they often call simply “King’s Day”, or “Koningsdag”, in the Dutch.