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Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday 2025 and 2026 in Aruba

In Aruba, as in many Caribbean nations, Carnival season is a huge big deal. People literally look forward to and prepare for it all year long, and Aruba has a full month packed full of parades and other celebrations.

20253 MarMonCarnival Monday
202616 FebMonCarnival Monday
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Carnival Monday is a public holiday in Aruba. It comes on the Monday after Aruba’s Grand Parade that takes place on Sunday in Oranjestad. Carnival Monday lies near the end of Carnival, with only Shrove Tuesday standing between it and Ash Wednesday. The main activity on Carnival Monday is actually relaxing and trying to recover from the hectic, festive month-long Carnival celebrations that immediately precede it. Most stores close early or don’t open at all in Aruba on Carnival Monday.

The Carnival idea came to Aruba via European immigrants who took part in similar celebrations back in Europe. But the modern Aruban Carnival season developed in the 1940s and 1950s. The Carnival in 1945 saw a gigantic and memorable Carnival celebration. Over the years, many elements were added.

The main events include The Grand Parade, selection of the Carnival Queen, kids’ parades, pyjama parties, street parties, public concerts and musical competitions, pageants, and an inordinate amount of feasting, drinking, and partying. Also, a King Momo effigy is burnt at midnight on Tuesday just before Lent begins on Wednesday. It’s easy to see why a rest-day is needed amid all this activity! Carnival Monday provides that needed respite.

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202412 FebMonCarnival Monday
202320 FebMonCarnival Monday