Carnival 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Antigua and Barbuda

In Antigua, “Carnival” has a different meaning and background than in many other parts of the world. Rather than being the last day of “food and fun” before a long 40-day Lenten fast, it commemorates the end of slavery in Antigua and Barbuda.

20245 AugMonCarnival Monday
6 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
20254 AugMonCarnival Monday
5 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
20263 AugMonCarnival Monday
4 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
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Celebrations in Antigua begin at the end of July and continue for 10 days until the first Tuesday of August. In Barbuda, however, Carnival takes place in the month of June and is called “Caribana”.

Interestingly, Carnival has usurped the role of Christmas in Antigua and Barbuda, up to a point at least. Elements of the Yuletide have been combined with Carnival parades after many Christmas celebrations ceased to occur. After all, who can do without Santa? If he can’t come down the Chimney in December, expect him to join a colourful, boisterous Carnival parade during the summer!

The Carnival events in Antigua and Barbuda are very complex, including many different elements. Music concerts, costume and beauty contests, talent shows, food fairs, and more are a part of the season.

Previous Years

20237 AugMonCarnival Monday
8 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
20221 AugMonCarnival Monday
2 AugTueCarnival Tuesday