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Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Anguilla

Usually on the second Monday of June of each year, Anguilla celebrates Queen’s Birthday as an official holiday. This is not the actual birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, or any of her predecessors, but simply a statutory day selected for the purpose of celebrating the sitting British Monarch and the Monarchy in general.

202312 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202410 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20259 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20268 JunMonQueen's Birthday
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The more cordial, private, and ceremonial aspect of the holiday is held at Government House, where special guests are entertained. Some years, the Queen herself may attend. The most noteworthy public event of the day is probably the boat race on Crocus Bay.

The people of Anguilla will put out the UK and Anguilla flag on Queen’s Birthday and sing both God Save The Queen and God Bless Anguilla. There may sometimes be small processions and other special events in Anguilla’s capital city, called The Valley, and elsewhere throughout the island.

While Queen’s Birthday isn’t one of the “biggest“ holidays on the island, it is a welcome day off work for many. And it gives islanders a chance to renew their loyalty to both Anguilla and to the union with the UK.

Previous Years

20223 JunFriQueen's Birthday
202114 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202015 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201917 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201811 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201719 JunMonQueen's Birthday