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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Anguilla

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Anguilla. The date is movable, simply having to come at the end of “August Carnival”.

20249 AugFriConstitution Day
20258 AugFriConstitution Day
20267 AugFriConstitution Day
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Anguilla has been under a new constitution since 1 April 1982, that gives the country internal self-rule on most matters but that lets the UK handle their external affairs, defence, internal security, judiciary, and a few other matters. That constitution was amended in 1990, but remains essentially the same.

A governor represents the Queen (or king) of the UK, while an elected parliamentary government handles internal affairs. The political system is multi-party and fully democratic. There is a head executive, executive council, a House of Assembly, and a judiciary.

Every Constitution Day, a “Grand Parade of Troupes” is held where colourfully clad costume-wearers from all over the island gather to parade and display the local culture. This follows on the heels of Anguilla’s summer festivals, and is a major local and international event.

Previous Years

202311 AugFriConstitution Day
20225 AugFriConstitution Day
20216 AugFriConstitution Day
20207 AugFriConstitution Day
20199 AugFriConstitution Day
201810 AugFriConstitution Day
201711 AugFriConstitution Day