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Anguilla Carnival

Anguilla Carnival 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Anguilla

Anguilla has one of the most famous Carnival celebrations in the region. Anguilla Carnival goes on for a week or more each year, running from the end of July through the first week or so of August.

20245 AugMonAugust Monday
8 AugThuAugust Thursday
20254 AugMonAugust Monday
7 AugThuAugust Thursday
20263 AugMonAugust Monday
6 AugThuAugust Thursday
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The central date of Carnival in Anguilla is the first Monday of August, called “August Monday”. The whole multi-day celebration is sometimes called “Summer Festival”.

Anguilla Carnival is easily the biggest annual event on the island. Everyone is off work, and businesses, schools, and government offices mostly close down. On the Saturday leading up to August Monday, there is a Band Clash where local bands compete for a prize. On Sunday, there is a boat race. On Monday, the key day of the whole Carnival, there is a Street Jam that begins at 5am! Bands compete again, but this time on mobile floats that they ride through town on parade while playing their hearts out. This is also called the “Road March”.

There are also Prince and Princess competitions where representatives of various schools compete in various categories. And there are huge beach parties and numerous other events that take place throughout the week.

Previous Years

20237 AugMonAugust Monday
10 AugThuAugust Thursday
20221 AugMonAugust Monday
4 AugThuAugust Thursday